Was founded in 1991 in Helsinki
by legendary biker Jari "Jartza" Uotila and friends.

(RIP Jartza 1959 - 2012 your work lives on )

In the beginning the Club's facilities were located in
central Helsinki, on the ground floor of the famous
building Tennispalatsi.

From there CMC moved to Viipurinkatu situated 
in the area Alppila also in Helsinki.

In Viipurinkatu CMC stayed for over 10-years.

The next clubhouse was to become, Karjalankatu
situated in the same part of Helsinki.

2006 the Helsinki chapter celebrated its 15th 
anniversary party on Tervasaari.

5 years later, 2011 CMC had its 20th anniversary.
It was celebrated at Kaisaniemi.